Sleepy Foxy

Sleepy Foxy


Photographer: Sebastien Chalut

Limited Edition on acrylic.
30x20 - 300 copies
36x24 - 200 copies
48x32 - 100 copies


We all have personal or business objectives... dreams, goals! 
And every day we are confronted by the distractions of this world. A phone call, an email, a notification of a message or a "Like" on a social media.
These make us drift from our destination.
I believe in the power of an image. Blending lights and contrasts creating visuals so strong that resonates our heart, because it centers us, takes us back to the path we want to draw.
My pictures are a snapshot of a moment that I lived. Through my sensitivity, my listening, my eyes, I offer you those moments so that they can provide you with a well-being, an attention to the present moment, an opportunity to refocus with yourself and life. She is so precious and exciting. Filled with pitfalls and lessons.
May my images bring you what you need!